10 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022

10 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022

A large part of the existing plugins that can help WordPress users comply with the new GDPR is too complex and not easy to use. This article aims to provide a list of the 10 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022 that, in my opinion, are going to be applied by large companies. These plugins will help you deal with the new legislation and ensure that your website or blog is ready for compliance with it (such as avoiding spam).

What is GDPR? Is It Necessary For Websites To Comply With GDPR?

10 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of legislation that came into force in May 2018. Starting from 25th May 2018, companies that store and process data of EU citizens are required to adhere to the new legislation.

The GDPR has several important changes, and it imposes stricter obligations on businesses than before. In addition to the new laws, businesses also have to deal with other regulations regarding data protection, such as the regulation concerning cookies and online behavioral advertising.

The GDPR is a new European data protection law designed to protect the privacy of European citizens. However, as it stands, it does not give companies any legal basis for using data for advertising purposes and still leaves it up to the host website’s (the front end) discretion.

Websites need to comply with GDPR to reassure their users and maintain their brand image. If a website doesn’t comply with GDPR, its users might be put off from visiting or buying products from that company in the future. In addition, if such companies are not compliant with GDPR, they may face fines of up to 4% of their annual global turnover or €20 million respectively per breach.

Protect User Data With These Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance

In today’s digital world, the need for legal data protection is still very important. However, if no one knows what these things mean, they can be easily overlooked. With that being said, GDPR currently has a lot of confusion regarding its meaning and usage. This article will help you understand the key terms and state how well you can protect your website data with 10 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022.

Are you ready to take your WordPress site to the next level? The GDPR will make your site more visible and easier to follow. These plugins will keep your website on the right side of the law.

MonsterInsights – GDPR Friendly Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

MonsterInsights Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022

MonsterInsights lets you track the performance of your website and online marketing efforts. If you are using Google Analytics to track your website traffic, conversions, clicks, & more, you’ve probably been stressed about metrics and Google Analytics Best Practices.

We all know that Google Analytics adds a lot of clutter to a website. With the MonsterInsights plugin, you’ll be able to quickly and easily insert your Google Analytics data by simply selecting the options from the main panel in the plugin interface. With the MonsterInsights compliance framework, your website visitors are assured of keeping their privacy on top of all other issues.

The MonsterInsights EU Compliance add-on is necessary if your website’s Google Analytics configuration does not comply with privacy regulations. It will save you time and money! The MonsterInsights EU Compliance add-on makes it easy for you to automatically ensure that your website complies with European laws.

Important Features:

  1. Detailed Analytical Stats For Post and Pages
  2. GA Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking in One Click
  3. GDPR Compliant For Google Analytics
  4. Google Optimize & Performance
  5. Universal Site Tracking
  6. Automatically Tracks Affiliate Links


Iubenda Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022

Iubenda plugin lets you control who can access each cookie. Cookies are small pieces of information that track your web browsing session so that your web browser will remember which sites you visit, what actions you take, and what content you view. Using cookies is essential for many companies. Companies who have failed to comply with ePrivacy regulations can now see the compliance process step-by-step in one go. This can help them increase the speed, security as well as efficiency of their websites, decreasing costs along the way.

With the iubenda plugin, you get the best GDPR and ePrivacy compliance in just a few clicks. Its functionality covers all areas of site optimization, including privacy, website speed & performance.

Important Features:

  1. Generate Privacy policy and Cookie Policy
  2. Detect Cookie Consent Requests Automatically.
  3. It Detects Spiders and Bots.
  4. Store Several Preferences For Each User.

Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA

Cookie Notice helps you provide your customers with clear and easy to access website information and allows compliance with the latest update of the cookie laws.

With Cookie Notice, you can create a visually appealing and simple banner on your website that’s easy to understand. A banner is displayed alongside any website page & is shown in an infobox or at the top or bottom of the page. Cookie Notice can integrate with all major brand websites, making it easier than ever to comply with privacy and cookie controls.

Cookie Compliance gives you the power to drive better compliance with your digital content by automating every step of the process. Automated Consent Handling can create digital consent forms for nearly all types of data usage, whether it’s emails, social media, legal documents, and much more.

Important Features:

  1. Give Ability To Accept None, Some, Or All Cookies
  2. Control On How Long Consent Remain On Website
  3. Summarize Core Components Of Website
  4. Can Easily Provide Contact Information Of Business.

OptinMonster – GDPR Friendly Popups and Lead Gen Forms

OptinMonster – GDPR Friendly Popups and Lead Gen Forms

Optinmonster is an alternative to cookie notice popups and email signups displayed by default on websites, even those not built for GDPR compliance. It is free for private use but has a premium version for businesses.

Optinmonster is an easy way to create responsive, GDPR-compliant email signup forms displayed by default on any WordPress website. It works exactly like a regular popup or banner, but it has the bonus of being GDPR-compliant.

Important Features:

  1. Geo-Location Targeting
  2. Drag and Drop Builder
  3. Mobile-Friendly Popups
  4. Exit Intent Technology
  5. Page-Level Targeting
  6. GDPR Compliant Email Signup Forms.

WP AutoTerms

WP AutoTerms

As WordPress users expect more out of their website, they tend to forget its legal pages. WP AutoTerms puts you in control over the legal pages of your WordPress website and lets you create these pages using a simple wizard, such as “Privacy Policy,” “Terms & Conditions agreement,” and Cookies Policy. Get a professional, web-ready, and legal agreement with WP AutoTerms.

Important Features:

  1. Legal Agreement For Website.
  2. Privacy Policy Generator GDPR/CCPA.
  3. Update Notice Of Legal Pages.
  4. Easy To Use & Customize.



Are you solving the GDPR & CCPA Cookie Compliance Problem? CookieYes does the job for you. It is one of the best solutions that provide you with the best level of EU-compliant compliance and is easy to use. Just three clicks since the start of GDPR compliance, CookieYes will make sure all your accounts & cookies are compliant in just a few minutes.

Important Features:

  1. Identify & Categorize Cookies With Single Click Scan.
  2. Customers can Withdraw and Revisit Their Cookies.
  3. Easily Customizable & Responsive Cookie Banner.
  4. Generate Policies And Dynamically Up-to-Date Description.
  5. Record & Store User’s Preferences.

EU Cookie Law for GDPR/CCPA

Do you struggle with cookie compliance and want your site to keep cookies under control? EU Cookie Law is an innovative Plugin that helps you keep cookies under control. The plugin allows you to choose which date to be notified when a cookie is accepted or rejected.

Block all scripts and customize every page. Restrict usage of scripts after you have activated the program. This way, you can define your tracking settings and preferences, so no different website scripts can load on your computer.

Important Features:

  1. Compatible With WPML
  2. Responsive & Customizable Cookie Banner.
  3. Easily Set Cookie Expiry.

WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR Compliance helps you stay compliant with the new GDPR rules and regulations. It ensures your website is GDPR-compliant and marks your sites as secure for the new data protection laws. While most websites are still left in the dark about GDPR compliance, WP GDPR Compliance is ready to provide you with all the necessary tools for ensuring your site has appropriate personal data protection. In other words, it is an easy way to keep your website compliant with GDPR without hiring a lawyer.

Important Features:

  1. Powerful Cookie Scanner For Illegally Webpages Tracking.
  2. Customizable Popups.
  3. Compatible With 40+ Languages.
  4. Full Compliance With GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA.

GDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA ready)

Do you want to keep your customers and users informed of your cookie policy? The best way to prepare your website is with GDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA ready) plugin. Turn any website into a GDPR compliant with this fully compatible plugin.

Increase your GDPR compliance in a matter of minutes, with no technical knowledge required. GDPR Cookie Compliance will help you prepare your WordPress, and get you fully compliant with GDPR in a matter of days.

Important Features:

  1. Includes Both Buttons (Accepts & Rejects)
  2. Fully Customizable Cookie Consent Banner.
  3. Set Consent Expiration.



Complianz is a discrete plugin that adds the need for GDPR compliance to your websites. It is the first GDPR plugin that scans your website, and automatically adds a description to every cookie found on your site, making your website more human readable. Complianz also helps businesses in Europe to keep their consumers informed of all the changes required by the new data protection law. It helps you reduce the risk of a data breach as you can use it across multiple data sources, making your compliance activities far simpler.

Important Features:

  1. Cookie banners Templates
  2. Dedicated Cookie Consent Management
  3. Effective Wizard To Check Data Leak Or Security Incident.


We have tried our best to provide the best GDPR plugins for WordPress that you can use for your website and blog. With the GDPR, the European Union is stepping up its efforts to protect user data. Many companies are concerned about this issue and are implementing measures to comply with the law.

As a result of the GDPR, WordPress went through a massive overhaul, and there was a lot of confusion in terms of best practices. The introduction of GDPR has made it extremely difficult for users to find solutions. Many plugins were available, but it was difficult to use them as they did not work as expected or had security vulnerabilities that could leave you exposed online. This research aims to provide an overview of some of these plugins and find out which ones have been working well since their introduction in 2018. So far, most of these plugins have been proven very beneficial for various businesses.

On GDPR, we have compiled the 10 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Compliance in 2022. This post focuses on how to solve issues related to GDPR in a GDPR-ready way.

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